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Exhibitor Registration

** Vendor Sponsorship Package** Vendors are able to participate in all benefits or pick and choose as they see fit.  Additionally, the Symposium Team is open to working with each Vendor to customize their needs and experience.

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Vendor Sponsorship Package

  • Vendor Sponsorship package benefits

  • Includes 2 Representatives: Add $100 for each additional Representative

  • Live “Commercial” in Conference Room (~30 sec) – During the Symposium a representative from your Company will be given the opportunity to stand at the podium in front of the audience and introduce yourself, your company, and give a brief overview of what you’re featuring at your booth.  We anticipate this being a brief introduction and invite to encourage attendees to visit your booth.

  • Session, Speaker, or Meal Sponsorship: Corporate Logo will be displayed on signage in speaker hall during Session, Speaker, or Meal.

  • Twelve Month Sponsorship (display logo, banner, or Video) on both:

  • Twelve Month “Targeted Brand Builder” Membership through the Perfusion Life Vendor Partner Program:


Vendor General Information:

  • Total vendor booth time will start on Friday evening and end on Saturday evening.Specific Vendor breaks/times TDB.

  • All Vendor Representatives are welcomed and encouraged to eat during all Symposium Meals

  • Additional Symposium details (shipping specifics, booth times, etc.) will be communicated directly with each Vendor after registration.

  • Pay via PayPal, or send a check addressed to Perfusion Life, LLC 5009 Boulder Creek Lane Raleigh, NC 27613

  • Questions? Please contact Adam Clark,, M: 919-302-6255

Vendor Meal/Speaker Sponsorship:

  • Vendors if you would like to sponsor a meal or speaker let us know by clicking below!

Sponsor A Meal or Speaker
Leave a one-time donation

Thanks for sponsoring

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